IXL AT FILM Technologies

Delivering a comprehensive array of artistry, expertise and resources, our accomplished and talented team of producers, editors and 3D designers have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure production of excellence, with high definition, broadcast-quality media for all corporate purposes, through our own in-house advanced and contemporary resources and techniques, ensuring consistency through a team that is dedicated to best practice, delivering on time and within budget.

Rounding off the complete multi-media package, the IXL AT FILM stable also hosts highly experienced and competent Creative and Performance Directors, Style Designers and Scriptwriters and Content Builders who will take the time to learn about your individual business so that we are able to identify your media opportunities, and showcase your business and objectives, developing solutions that answer your individual needs.

Not being restrained by limited production capabilities, our experience in the media industry has allowed us to develop innovative solutions that guarantee to help you to stand out and be noticed, resulting in increased exposure and professional recognition in the market place.

The IXL AT FILM studio and equipment are specially designed to optimise your digital media for the web, whilst also being able to deliver the exceptional quality of production required and expected of the more traditional modes of delivery. We also have a portable studio and green screen which allows us to be mobile with our clients.

Whether you need web, television, or in-house video and audio production, IXL AT FILM can assure you of results that will exceed your expectations each and every time.