Television Commercials

IXL AT FILM is a full-service commercial production company, equipped to manage every aspect of your commercial’s production, from creative development, script writing, graphics and visual effects, to casting, voice-overs, and music, right through to shooting, editing, finishing, and broadcast delivery.

Using all the latest high-end production equipment, operated by an award-winning production team, at IXL AT FILM we will collaborate with you from brainstorm to broadcast to make your ideas and visions a reality, and design a message that truly connects. Every project is an opportunity to help a business or product stand out from the crowd, by creating a message that is both entertaining and persuasive.

When you collaborate with IXL AT FILM, you are partnering with experienced creative artists, who will make every aspect of the production process effective and seamless for you.

Short Films and Presentations

Short films help you to convey an important message to your audience.

IXL AT FILM has a flair for storytelling. What story do you want to tell? Is your story about health awareness or water conservation projects, historical or travel projects, autobiographies, social awareness, facts, events, or some other eye-opening subject?

We have created short films for various subjects, and our strength in conveying the message to the target audience, with a simple and effective approach, and the knowledge and understanding level of the target audience firmly in focus, has resulted in greater appreciation from the audience.

Our creative and production team understands the purpose of short film, and works harmoniously with the storyline to gather the right video footage, images, content, testimonials and any other relevant media inputs.

With the right visuals and pertinent video and images, strong narration and provocative music, we can create a short film that brings out both the message and the emotion, with impressive punch lines that connect.

Radio Commercials and Voice Overs

At IXL AT FILM we make broadcast ad campaigns, network promos, trailers and infomercials come to life.

To drive leads and revenues, radio commercials are still a powerful and effective tool for your business. In fact, an average cumulative audience of 10.1 million people listen to commercial radio each week in Australian metropolitan areas alone.

Radio is the art of speaking effectively. With smart ads, you’ll reach customers and increase your sales through radio. Since you’ve taken the time to get to know your audience and what they want, we can craft a powerful intro that captures their attention and creates interest, and keeps the audience listening.

Even though voice overs can be fun, we take them very seriously, and can give you all the commercial voice talent and casting, innovation and imagination, music, sound effects and production that you need.

Without a visual medium, everything relies on the voice, tone, pace, variety, and emotion… so let’s set the tone together.

Music Videos

IXL AT FILM understands artistic ambition, creative emotion, and tight budgets, and we know how to get the most visual excitement out of limited resources.

We develop and produce music videos for all kinds of artists, and our award-winning creative team can shoot, edit and produce your live show, craft your band promo, or create an innovative short production packed with all the effects our creative collaborative juices can conjure.

Your music is worthy of a showcase that is sharp, professional, and broadcast-ready. Working across all genres and styles, we will create the video that reflects your sound, your style, and your personality.

Do you dream it? IXL AT FILM can make that dream video reality.

Training Video Productions

With today’s increasing need to educate both internal and external audiences who are often separated geographically, you need the ability to communicate training messages that inspire, engage and motivate your people to take action, no matter their locale.

Through creative and captivating videos, IXL AT FILM can help your business to communicate efficiently and effectively with your people. We will help you build compelling stories though creative scripting and skilful casting, shot in the right locations and settings, using proven techniques and expert post-production, allowing you to focus on the message.

From script to screen, IXL AT FILM can help you communicate, educate, and motivate in HD.

Corporate Video Production

The modern consumer is highly accustomed to absorbing their information digitally. Video engages many more of our senses, and is a much more effective medium for conveying almost any message when compared to print - video is rising again as the communications vehicle of choice.

Corporate videography covers a wide range of specialties, from basic WEBmercial production to the full-service promotional video. The IXL AT FILM corporate videography service can create stunning corporate videos that bring your business to life, give your annual event the coverage it deserves, or create the perfect digital presentation to accompany your major corporate proposal, and ensure you seal the deal.

Every IXL AT FILM corporate project is treated with the same care, enthusiasm and professionalism, no matter the scope or budget. Let our friendly experienced team help you achieve your business goals in the digital world.

Green Screen Studio

Create a lasting impression with video content that engages your audience, generates more traffic, followers and promoters, and make it with the power of green screen!

The IXL AT FILM team gives you the space, the crew, the creative expertise, and the video solutions that will ensure you are at the forefront in today’s visually driven world.

We offer a state-of-the-art Chroma Key green screen facility for the cleanest masking, complete with the latest sound, lighting, 4K video cameras, and teleprompters, set in a pre-lit infinity cove Cyclorama with all of the latest studio amenities to enhance your next video project.

The IXL AT FILM team is ready to jump on-board with the creative process, and help you bring your ideas and shots to life.

Online Video Marketing

Video has risen to become a principal means for consumers to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, accounting for more than half of all consumer internet traffic. Online video is the future of content marketing, and with more than half of business marketers already realising its potential, online video marketing will continue to dominate strategies.

With its inherent share-ability, and content that is easy to assimilate, video is unrivalled when it comes to potential reach and viewer engagement. To ensure consumers spend more time on your website, and more time interacting with your brand, for any social media strategy or SEO campaign, video is, without doubt, an essential business marketing tool.

Production costs have decreased significantly in recent years, and with the rise of mobile platform and relevant APPs, the opportunities have dramatically increased for small businesses on a limited budget to harness this powerful medium.

Ask IXL AT FILM about creating relevant, exciting, and engaging video that will fulfil your business’ content marketing potential.

Live Event Mixing and Recording

Live events like sport, concerts, plays or stage productions require the best recording for your video creation - audio is THE most crucial element, and live event recording is a very unique form of production, requiring expertise and experience.

Outside of the controlled one-on-one interviews and Steadicam work, and with sound being half of your video production, even if you do get to use a clapper just before your event begins, once things get underway there can be no retakes.

IXL AT FILM has the experience and the expertise to follow your planned event schedule, flow and participant placement, whilst being able to adjust to the ever-changing schedules and unforeseen obstacles that are bound to arise throughout the live event.

Capturing every moment of your audio, whether for documenting the event in its entirety or production of promotional trailers or news pieces that only use excerpts of your content is crucial. Your event is live, and it cannot be redone, so talk to us today about preserving your moments in time.

Live Broadcasting

Live video has become the fastest growing medium for disseminating information quickly to large audiences across multiple channels, both locally and across the globe.

From major news and sporting events to product launches, corporate training and various other business needs, the IXL AT FILM team has the specialised knowledge and capabilities to produce any event, at any scale, for live broadcast to anywhere in the world.

We can provide casting and assist with content and scripting. With IXL AT FILM you can be assured of the complete creative production and post-production expertise and management, leveraging the power of live video.

Social Media

The popularity of online social media has escalated over the past ten years, and almost every major brand now utilises its power to create relationships, engage followers, and promote their products. The key to success in this environment is to generate as many followers as possible, and being able to instantly spread your message to a broad audience.

With Google now incorporating social media into its search algorithms, having a social media presence is more important than it has ever been, and has the potential to increase your organic search results across multiple channels.

Whether it’s Google, FaceBook, or Twitter, perception is everything. We understand that growing a social media following takes time and energy, and IXL AT FILM has the expertise and experience to help you build dynamic pages, attract followers and generate engagement to actively promote your brand awareness, using this low cost highly effective form of marketing.